Professor Fu Zitang, the President of Southwest University of Political Science and Law, Chongqing, China visited Professor Lakshman Dissanayake , Vice Chancellor of University of Colombo on 9th June 2017 at the College House.

The purpose of the visit was to formalize the ongoing academic collaborations between the two universities through a MoU and to further discuss to extend the partnership in to other possible arenas.

Professor Lakshmna Dissanayake and Professor Fu Zitang signed the MoU between University of Colombo and Southwest University of Political Science and Law formalizing the academic partnership between the two institutes.

His Excellency Mr. Yi Xianliang, the Ambassador of Peoples Republic of China to Sri Lanka initiated this fruitful collaboration.

Professor Mr. Jerry Zhu, the Vice Dean of School of Foreign Languages and Professor Guo Meisong, Director, International Cooperation and Exchange Office, Southwest University of Political Science and Law accompanied Professor Fu at the meeting.

This will open up more opportunities for both faculty and students of the two universities.

Professor Lasantha Manawadu , Head/ Dept. of Geography, Dr. Pradeep Pieris, Senior Lecturer, Dept. of Political Science and  Public Policy, Faculty of Arts, Dr. S. Segarajasingham, Head, Dept. of Commercial Law, Ms. Rose Wijesekara, Head, Dept. of Private & Comparative Law, Ms. S.S.M.W. Senevirathne, Head, Dept. of  Public and International Law, Faculty of Law and  Dr. Kokila Konasinghe, Director/ International Office, University of Colombo also participated at the meeting.

The meeting was organized by the International Office of University of Colombo

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